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My wife Isabel is a Partner Acrobatics Teacher, a Development Consultant and a lover of nutritious and delicious food.


The challenge. Design a logo and catchphrase/slogan that is neutral and can be used for all her marketing, yet leans slightly towards the Acrobatics side of her business.

I started off with an iconic Partner Acrobatics pose called “Hand-to-Hand”. To perform a Hand-to-Hand requires trust, strength, awareness of body and a certain level of awesomeness – coincidently characteristics of Isabel and the services she offers.

From there, the shapes of the logo started forming and I felt it was vague enough as one only sees the Hand-to-Hand image if you partake in the sport, and even then only with a very keen eye.



Next came the catchphrase/slogan. We sat down and went through a few iterations but eventually settled on the play of words using Hand to Hand again.


The word fly is often used in the world of Acrobatics, and we felt it was fitting to use this term to describe Isabel’s consultancy work of giving people the confidence, skills and support to get their business/projects to fly high and succeed.

We liked  that the catchphrase/slogan still worked for the development consultancy work she offers and agreed that the company brand is defined by the logo and phrase and not limited to the colours, i.e. the colours could change according to what is being branded.

Isabel designed her website using WordPress and I assisted with some basic code changes, making the website responsive and some SEO work to get her site better ranked on search engines.

To see the design in action and learn more about what Isabel has to offer, please visit her website: isabelessen.com


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