Engagement ring


4 years ago to the day I proposed to my wonderful wife.

We met for the first time on the 16th December and a few years later got engaged on the exact same date in Germany.

I wanted her ring to be something special and memorable for the both of us and so I decided I wanted to design something myself.

After playing around with a few designs I came across the final design using our initials – I G E, and to make use of a diamond to be the dot on the i.

I’ve added colour to this version of the logo so that the I G E initials can be more easily identified

I also didn’t want it to be obvious that it was our initials so I needed to not center the letters as well as to weave and combine them to form a symbol – this interlocking was also a symbolism of our lives joining.


Since then the symbol has become our family emblem, but it’s roots will always remain in the engagement ring that I designed for my wife – to date still the design I am most proud of.

My design was lovingly made by the talented Emma Anna who worked the intricate patterns to perfection.

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