During my free time I am a passionate surfer, Tai Chi practitioner and involved with Partner Acrobatics/Acro.

For many many years now I was stuck in the IT field where the most creativity was wondering if I should indent my SQL statements or not, and how to include pretty graphs and screenshots when composing emails for clients.

To escape this insanity I needed to start making things and being creative – firstly digitally but then moving into other mediums. I took up courses, studied and researched online and managed to build up a portfolio over the time.

Thankfully a change of roles in 2015 placed me withing a more creative team within the company and I actually get to worry about colours, graphics and layout , but this has not stopped me continually wanting to be creative outside of the office and to do more!

While most of my work is digital/print (including business cards and invites), I have started working with reclaimed wood and blending that with my passion for the outdoors and nature. Upcycling is another process that I am fascinated by whereby one can breath new life and usage into discarded objects.

I prefer a simplified design over something overly complex and try to get the idea and points across with a minimalistic point of view.

I would love to be of assistance, so please email me and we can work together to bring your ideas to life.