Zen Monkey Old life vs New life

It is the client who achieves change or reaches their goals. The coach can’t ever do this for the client. We just help you find your own path and help you stay accountable for your progress or lack thereof.

What is a Life Coach?

Coaching is a process in which the client wishes to achieve personal growth in their life and the coach is there to act as a guide and to provide structure and method to the process of analyzing the challenge and aiding the client in developing strategies and ways of thinking to accomplish this change. Coaching can involve any aspect of the client’s life, including mental, emotional, physical, relational and financial.

Why is Zen Monkey Life Coach different from other life coaching services?

Coaching is not meant to be for life! Our goal is to help you map out the way to find your own path to succeed in your goals. Once you are headed down that road and your vision is in sight, we will wave you off into the sunset of your own making.

One thing you can be sure of is this: You will find no judgment in these sessions. Only kindness, understanding and acceptance for who you are at the core and where you wish to be in life.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, how about a Free Zoom Session?

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