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First Session only

    Choosing a Life Coach is very personal. You must feel both comfort and trust. Therefore, you have the option of one free meeting done via Zoom.

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    Virtual Coaching


    Per Session

      All the benefits of Life Coaching but done from wherever you and your internet connection is! No office means cheaper rates, so Virtual Coaching is recommended for those who are keeping an eye on their budgets. Life Coaching should not be a luxury, but an affordable option for everyone who needs a Coach.

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      Coffee Shop Coaching


      Per Session

        All the benefits of Life Coaching without the stuffy office environment. And let's be fair, why should you pay for my office space? So have a cup on me...

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        First Timer ZOOM Life coach session

        This introductory Life Coach session is available for all new clients. This session gives us chance to test the compatibility between coach and client.  Discover your purpose or passion with the included Zen Monkey Questionnaire.  It also helps us plot your potential Life Coaching journey with Zen Monkey. 

        Please note that these sessions are only available on Mondays.

        • Free Questionnaire included
        • Personalised action plan based on our conversation
        • No hard sell to commit.
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        Life Coaching While sipping on Coffee

        No therapy coaches or small offices, because I am neither your therapist or a headmaster. Just a conversation over a beverage at our local coffee shop in Durban North. Except it will be more than just a conversation!

        Each session is personalized for you and your Life Coaching Journey, whether it be a single session or several over a period of a few months.

        • Have something to drink on me.
        • Relaxed environment.
        • Support Local.
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        Coffee Shop Life Coaching Durban North

        Life Coaching via zoom

        Online Coaching is gaining traction in the virtual world. Not online does it leave you to be more flexible when setting up an appointment, it is a more cost-effective option for those working with a budget. And don't worry, you still get the full benefits of having a lifecoach!

        • You can log in from anywhere in the world.
        • Cost effective.
        • The same Life Coaching benefits you would get with a face-to-face session.
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